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Image by Kevin Noble

The DogAge Project

Automatic age estimation is a challenging problem attracting the attention of the computer vision and pattern recognition communities due to its many practical applications. Neural networks are a popular tool for tackling this problem, and several datasets which can be used for training models are available.

Despite the fact that dogs are the most well-studied species in animal science, and that ageing processes in dogs are in many aspects similar to those of humans, the problem of age estimation for dogs has so far been overlooked. This project aims to address this gap by developing AI models for estimating dog age. For this, we need to collect a dataset of dog faces and their ages.

In order to enable this research, we are launching a large-scale, crowdsourced data collection and YOU and YOUR dog can help us! Consider contributing a photo of your dogs and help us create AI tools to assess aging processes in dogs.

project team


Luísa Dutra
PhD. Animal Behaviour & Welfare

Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais, Brasil

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-27 at 14.00.15.jpeg

Lucy Shulman
Project Manager, University of Haifa


Liat Vichman
Master Student, , University of Haifa

Nareed (2).jpg

Nareed H Farhat
Tech4Animals Tech Lead, University of Haifa


Daniel Oren
Master Student, University of Haifa

the form

The data submitted by you will be stored on university servers and be used solely for research purposes. Data will not be transferred to any other non mentioned parties. Please make sure that no people are visible on the photo. By entering your data and uploading your dog's photo, you consent to participate in the study and donate your data for research purposes.

Instructions for the uploaded image
The dog should be looking straight at the camera, with the head centralized to show only the head, with a small amount of neck/body and background landscape, like a passport photo.



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